"Lizzy Got Wings"

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Lizzy Got Wings

Event Info

Date: April 14, 2024

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Contact: Matt Dolan

My daughter, Lizzy was a CF Warrior who succumbed to the progression cystic fibrosis and earned her wings on January 28, 2023.  We have combined celebrating the anniversary of her birthday with the "Lizzy Got Wings" fundraiser in tribute to her CF Advocacy. 

Just as we celebrated her 30th birthday post lung transplant in April 2021, I am skydiving April 14, 2024, at
10:00 AM near Santa Cruz,
CA. My fundraising goal is $13,000 based on $1.00/foot for a 13,000-foot jump.

Please join me by donating through this CF Passion Fundraising site. After the jump we will celebrate Lizzy’s birthday and will provide updates through social media.

Thank you for your contributions in tribute to Lizzy and supporting the CF Foundation making better tomorrows.