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Passion Fundraising - Frequently Asked Questions 

To protect the health and well-being of the cystic fibrosis community and CF Foundation staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, the cystic fibrosis community is finding new ways to come together through virtual experiences.

This includes Passion Fundraising events, which are independent from CF Foundation-sponsored events and the volunteer host is solely responsible for all event promotion and are responsible for all aspects of fundraising activity. At this time, CF Foundation staff may not attend, help staff, or participate in passion fundraising events.

While we won't be together in person, we can be together in spirit and virtually – showing the strength of our community and passion to find a cure for all people living with cystic fibrosis. 

For a list of virtual event ideas please click here.  
Should I still host my CF community event in-person given the COVID-19 pandemic?
At this time, we are encouraging all volunteers hosting third-party events to change the format from in-person to virtual, cancel the in-person event, or postpone the in-person event. This decision is further informed by  CDC issued guidelines, which discuss the best ways to maintain the health and safety of attendees at events.
Can you have people with CF at your in-person event since they are high-risk for COVID-19?
Every individual’s situation, and health risk, is unique. We encourage any person with CF who is considering attendance at any event during the pandemic to discuss the risk with their care team.
Are you able to supply infection control and other supplies for our event? 
While we do not recommend hosting in-person events at this time, should you choose to host an in-person event we will not be able to supply hand sanitizer or masks for community hosted events.

What if I invite an attendee to an in-person Passion Fundraising event and they later test positive for COVID-19?
Please visit to fully understand the host’s responsibility when holding Passion Fundraising events.
In addition, the host should contact their local health department if someone reports that he/she tested positive for COVID-19 in the first two weeks following your event.
For additional questions concerning COVID-19 visit:

What is a passion fundraising event?

A passion fundraising event is created when a CF Foundation event participant is inspired by their favorite hobby or pastime to develop a unique fundraising event or opportunity. Passion fundraising allows participants to elevate their fundraising efforts by getting friends, family and community involved in a fun, exciting and personal way. Whether you are a team leader, team member, individual or virtual participant anyone can start a passion fundraising event.

How do I get started on Passion Fundraising?

Before you create a passion fundraising event, you must register for a CF Foundation Special Event. Click here to register.  After registering, it can take up to forty eight hours for the “Passion Fundraising” button located in your participant center to become active. This will bring you to the passion fundraising website and you can begin registration for your event. 

What is this site for?

This website allows CF Foundation Special Event participants to create a passion fundraising event and bring their events to life. This fundraising tool helps diversify fundraising efforts and helps event organizers reach new goals and support fundraising efforts.

How do I create an event?

To create an event, you will first need to be registered for a CF Foundation Special Event. After registering, it can take up to forty eight hours for the “Passion Fundraising” button located in your participant center to become active. This will bring you to the passion fundraising website and you can begin registration for your event. Once registered, click the “Create Passion Event” button and select the appropriate template for your event.

What is the difference between the passion fundraising templates? 

Each theme features a default photo that is customized for each event type, along with a basic event description to help get you started. This image and text will always be editable after you create the event.

How do I share my passion fundraising event?

Spread the word about your event through email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.

How do I edit my passion fundraising event page?

There are two options to edit your page: you can use the admin view that is under Site Content --> Edit Site Content or you can open your event page in a new tab. In both options, you'll have the Site Builder tools enabled when logged into your account. 

Click here to access the Passion Fundraising walk-through guide

How can someone create an event page from my passion fundraising event?

In order for someone to create an individual fundraising page from your passion fundraising event page, you must have individual pages enabled for your event. To enable this feature, from your passion dashboard click "Edit Info" on your event card.  check the box at the bottom next to "Enable fundraising on my event". A prompt will appear after purchasing a ticket to the passion event or making a donation to create a fundraising page and people can set up their own individual pages from there.

What is the difference between creating a passion fundraising event and creating an individual page for a passion fundraising event?

If you create a passion fundraising event, you are the event organizer. As the organizer, all the event decisions and event execution is up to you. If you create an individual page as part of a passion fundraising event, you will help to promote, raise funds and awareness for the passion fundraising event, but you will not be the event organizer.

Who will get credit for the funds raised through a passion fundraising event?

The passion fundraising website is a tool to help CF Foundation Special Event participants raise funds to support their fundraising efforts. The participant who creates the passion fundraising event will receive credit for all the funds associated with the event. This includes any individual pages that are created as part of the passion fundraising event.

When will I see funds raised from my passion fundraising event show up on my Special Event fundraising page?

It can take various amounts of time based off the type of donation. Donations made online can take up to 2-3 business days to appear on your Special Event fundraising page. Donations that are made offline can take up to a month for you to see the funds raised from your passion fundraising event on your personal fundraising page.

How do I turn in cash or check donations from my passion fundraising event?

All cash and check donations obtained from your passion fundraising event should be turned into your local CF Foundation chapter within 45 days of the event concluding.