65 Roses Race

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Event info: March 2 - May 5, 2024
Virtual race weekend: May 4 - 5, 2024
Who is the race for: Runners, walkers, cyclists and more
Location: Virtual -- Wherever you want!
Registration fee: $65

If you are looking to fundraise for the event, please see the info on the bottom of the page.
What is a virtual race?
A virtual race is an event that allows you to participate on your own time at your own pace and share your progress with other racers. Between March 2 and May 5, racers will log 65 miles on their own or with friends and family. Then on “virtual race day,” racers will complete their 65 miles with their chosen race distance. 

We would love if throughout your training and racing that you post on social media and tag #65RosesRace and @megs_salty_cf_life so we can not only fundraise, but also raise awareness!

Virtual race day
Choose a race distance that you are comfortable with, yet still motivates you to complete your goal. This can be whatever you want! You can run a race, cycle a race, or just go for a walk.

Race ideas

Running race ideas: 3.1, 6.5 or 10 miles
Cycle race ideas: 10, 30, or 65 miles
Walking race ideas: 1 or 3.1 miles

Choose your own goal
We want as many people to get involved as possible, motivating ourselves to keep healthy and keep moving. So, do what you feel comfortable with and what you feel is an achievable personal goal.

Purchase Race Swag
This year we will have 2 color options for race tanks for general racers: Navy or Grey.
Only racers with CF will be eligible to order the purple edition.

Race tanks are $32 and sunhoodies are $50 (lightweight longsleeve with a hood). Both styles are available in all colors.

If you are interested in ordering, please reach out to meganbarlow22@gmail.com

Why join the 65 Roses Race?
This is an amazing way for people to connect all over the U.S. to unite for an important cause through a common goal. We need connections like these more than ever before. So please, share your journey along the way and let’s motivate each other to achieve our goals together.
Through your support of events like these, CFF is able to fund critical life-saving research that would otherwise not be available; CFF receives little to no help from large drug companies or governmental grants, but the progress they are making towards a cure is incredible. At this rate and with your continued support, it won't be long before "CF" stands for "Cure Found."
We can see the finish line of a cure, so let’s run towards it together!

Looking to fundraise? Make sure to join/login and create a fundraising page.
At the completion of your registration, you should be prompted to "join" to create a fundraising page. If not, go to the top right corner of the screen and press “Login.” Then scroll down to “Don’t have an account? Register here.” Enter the same e-mail as you used to register as a racer and that will finalize your registration to continue fundraising. Once logged in you’ll have a 6-box grid at the upper right of the screen and from there you can go to your personal fundraising dashboard.