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Join us on Sunday, May 19, 2024 for the Specialty Spot Tournament benefiting The Wright Fight. Presented by Specialty Roofers, we welcome local businesses to choose a sponsorship, gather a team and join us for this event! Email Erin Bakker at erin@specialtyroofers.com to sponsor. 

Tournament Rules:

  1. Entry Fee $100 per angler or $200 per boat in this no boundary tournament.

  2. Cash Prize amounts will be $3,000 for the redfish with the most spots on one side. $1500 goes to the heaviest aggregate bag limit. $1500 goes to the heaviest speckled trout.

  3. Fishing Hours- 6am-4pm

  4. All fish must be caught by hook, line, rod and reel and by members of your fishing team. 

  5. All team members must obey all state of Floridia and boating regulations, including size and bag limits.

  6. All teams must maintain a distance of 50 yards from of boats in the tournament 

  7. Largest number of spots on ONE SIDE of a redfish with a tail pinch and released to swim away under its own power. 

  8. Scales open at Nick’s at 3pm. This is a live fish weigh in. Dead fish can be weighed in but will be deducted 1 pound. Weighmaster is the final decision maker. 

  9. In the event of a tie, the first team/boat to check in will be the winning boat/team or for the spot category the first to submit their photo will be the winner. 

  10. The redfish with the most spots wins the individual angler prize. 

  11. The $1500 heaviest aggregate bag limit will be for the “two heaviest fish” weighed in for each team.  More than two fish per team can be weighed, but only 2 will count towards the two fish aggregate.  Example:  4 people on one team, all weigh in 1 redfish, only 2 will count towards the 2 fish team aggregate.

  12. NO REFUNDS. This is a charity event. No rain date.