Event Info & FAQ's

Virtual Run for Cystic Fibrosis

August 01, 2020

Join the Virtual Run for Cystic Fibrosis 5K/6.5 Miler/Half Marathon or farther and run or walk whenever and wherever you want, to support the CF Foundation and 65 years of serving the CF Community.

Event Information:
Virtual Race Day:   Any day and anytime, up until August 1st
Location:   Wherever you would like! (Please keep social distancing and other CDC guidelines in mind)
Registration Fee:   $35
Distances:    5K  | 6.5 Miler  |  Half Marathon or farther!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a virtual race work?

Simply register for our virtual run, complete the distance anytime and anywhere you desire (even on a treadmill!), and email your name, finish time and distance to csalyer@cff.org and we will upload your results the proper tab on this web page. We will mail you a finisher’s medal after you send in your results or at the end of the race period, whichever comes first.

Why 6.5 Miles and not a 10K?

The 6.5 Miler is to pay tribute to 65 years of the CF Foundation and its amazing work, along to commemorate the 65 Roses Story, which is a staple of the CF Community.  If you are unaware of this story please click HERE to see a video about it.

I am not a runner can I walk or use an elliptical?

Absolutely, either one is perfectly fine.

Can I ride my bike or a stationary bike and count those as miles also?

Absolutely. Every 3 biked miles = 1 mile of walking or running.

How do I submit my time?

After completing your distance of choice, and tracking your run in some way, you would send your results to csalyer@cff.org and your results will be posted to the proper tab on this web page. Please include your full name, finish time, and distance ran.

I want to do this as a group. Do you offer a group discount?

Yes! When you register, there are options for individual registrants, a group of 4, and groups of 10 but if you have more than that, please contact csalyer@cff.org for other rates.

I am not in the United States, can I participate?

Yes. Please note that medals outside of the US can take up to 2-4 weeks for delivery and will be charged a shipping fee.

Can I run longer than the longest distance available?

Absolutely, you can run as far as you want, as long as it is a minimum of a 5K. That is not a problem.

Who is able to participate?

Anyone and everyone. All ages, shapes, sizes and speeds welcomed!

How do I track my distance and time my run?

We accept results on the honor system, so you can track your distance and time however you like. The most accurate way to do this is by using a Running GPS watch, but there are also several free smartphone apps available for iPhones and Android devices that you may be interested in, so whatever is easiest for you! Here is a link to some free run tracking apps-----> Click Here

Do I have to upload my results in order to receive my medal?

No. We mail medals to the people who didn’t submit results at the end of each race period. That being said, we encourage all participants to submit the results of their race, along with a photo we can post in our Participant Photo Gallery on the web page.

What if I can’t complete my run during the race period?

No worries, life happens. We understand completely! At the end of the race period, we ship medals to everyone who registered but never submitted their results, so if you don’t complete your run by then, you’ll still get your medal. Feel free to submit your results whenever you are able to complete your run, so we can add your time to our Results Page and your photo to our Participant Photos section.

When will I receive my medal?

Medals will begin shipping once the race is concluded, so after August 31st medals will begin to go out.

Great 5 minute video that explains the value and reasons for running a virtual event: