Team Emi Ray

    Emi Rays run to cure CF
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    Event Info

    Date: 6/16/19
    Location: MFD 5k

    Our daughter Emi Ray Judge loves playing softball, basketball, acting in school plays, and spending time with her cousins and friends. She was born with a genetic disease called Cystic Fibrosis or CF. CF causes thick mucous to build in her lungs and organs. Emi takes hundreds of pills and performs hours of respiratory treatments a week to stay healthy. In spite of this, she always quick to laugh and has a smile on her face. People with CF are encouraged to be very active and participate in sports to help clear their lungs. Emi Ray can usually be found going for a run, pitching softballs, or shooting hoops. Its thanks largely in part to the CF Foundation and the medications they have developed through generous donations that she is doing so well. Emi Ray has committed to running her 8th 5k this June to raise money for CF. If you would like to donate it would be going to a great cause and we would be so grateful! Cammy, Steve, Emi Ray and Eamonn Judge