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Brax’s Story

As told by his mother, Jessica
While I was pregnant with my son, Brax, I found out I was a CF carrier. As a result, my husband, Carter, got tested too and we both came back positive for the delta f508 gene. At 20 weeks, the devastating news that our baby boy had cystic fibrosis was confirmed. Finding out early meant there was a lot of grieving for the future that we felt we lost for our son, but it also gave us more time to process and prepare — many CF parents don’t learn of a diagnosis until the weeks or early months after birth of their child through a routine heel prick, sweat test or symptoms like digestive issues or low weight gain.

We quickly discovered that the CF community is small but mighty. We also discovered that the CF Foundation is making huge strides in finding a cure. There is ongoing groundbreaking research, amazing treatments in development (Brax could potentially be on a modulator “miracle drug” when he’s 2 if it’s approved for younger kids!) and exciting advances on the horizon. We now know our future will be full of laughs, tears, joy and most importantly hope. Our prayers are that there will be a cure in Brax’s lifetime.

He has CF, but CF doesn’t have him. Join us in the fight for a cure.