Run for the 65 Roses

Run for the 65 Roses
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Event Info

Date: May 04, 2019  4pm-7pm

Location: The Hamilton's House, Lake Orion, MI

Contact: Tonya Hamilton (

We hope you can join us in the race to cure CF!

Ladies, wear your best derby hats!
Gents, don your best derby duds!
​Prizes will be awarded for both

Heavy hors d'oeuvres and cocktails will be served. 

Tickets are $50.00 per person.
Your ticket price is 100% tax deductible. 

The Story Behind the Term "65 Roses"

The term "65 roses" was coined in the late-1960’s, by Richard (Ricky) Weiss a four-year-old with cystic fibrosis. The young boy’s mother, Mary G. Weiss, became a volunteer for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in 1965 after learning that all three of her sons had CF. To help raise funding for the disease, Weiss made phone calls to gather support for CF research. Unbeknownst to Weiss, Ricky was nearby, listening in on her calls.

One day, Ricky, at four-years-old, confronted his mother and told her that he knew about her calls. His mother was surprised because she had kept any knowledge of the condition hidden from her sons. Confused, Weiss asked Ricky what he thought the phone calls were about. He answered her, "You are working for 65 Roses."

Needless to say, his mother was incredibly moved by his innocent mispronunciation of cystic fibrosis, as have many people since that day.

To this day, the term "65 Roses" has been used by to help children put a name to their condition. The phrase has since become a registered trademark of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which adopted the rose as its symbol.