Five Feet Apart

Mya's Heroes see Five Feet Apart
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Event Info

Date: March 24, 2019

Location: Terra Vista 6 Theaters, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca

Contact: Karen Genco: 951-897-5666

Join Mya and Mya's Heroes in raising money to help CF stand for Cure Found!  This movie is about three teenagers in the hospital with CF.  It portrays some of the difficulties CF patients face daily, including needing to keep distance from others with CF because of the high risk of bacterial transmission.
Mya has been very blessed so far in that she has never needed to be hospitalized, but she does have a chronic bacterial infection in her lungs and works hard every day to stay healthy. While she doesn't seem to mind the 20+ pills she takes every day, she would LOVE to be rid of her twice daily vest and nebulizer treatments.
CF science is making amazing progress thanks to the CF Foundation, and there is real hope for life changing and life saving therapies; CF could really stand for Cure Found in Mya's lifetime!