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Welcome to the Movies by Minutes Trivia Cage Match bracket tournament! We ask for hosts and regular guests of minute-by-minute shows to participate and we’d prefer a two to four person team for the most exciting game play and donation potential! Entry fee is a $20 dollar donation per player.

You will have 30 seconds to answer the question and can earn bonus credits for your team by making additional donations to the CF Foundation:
$5 per hint
$10 to text your lifeline
$15 to Google -- only two per team
$50 to pass (still get question right)
Winners move to next round

NEW for 2019!

-BONUS Points can be donated for before each game by hosts or their fans under their team name . Every $5 donated between each game for their team gives that 1 bonus point to be used like a $5 marker. You may spend them for extra credit questions after your team answers a question correctly.