Grandparents for a CURE!

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for a CURE!

Welcome to Molly & Ed Meisenheimer's Page

Hi everyone!

Thank you SO MUCH for visiting our page!  

We are grandparents who need a CURE for CF! Our goal is for you to learn more about Cystic Fibrosis and see how you can help support the efforts of the CF Foundation! The Foundation has made wonderful progress just since our fight against CF began but, we know there is more to come and we want the brightest future possible for our 2 CF WARRIORS!

On Tuesday, October 5th, we will be participating in a wonderful evening of food, drink, and fun at the Lamar Yard, a great outdoor space in Oxford! 
 Due to recent COVID-19 concerns, the CF Foundation is hosting  its special events in outdoor venues for the rest of 2021 --  we will miss hosting Bowl for Breath but, we are so excited about this fun evening to raise awareness and funding for CF!! 

Please consider making a donation to the CF Foundation!  EVERY donation makes a difference and we are thrilled to have your support at any level - $5, $50, $500 - all donations play a role in our efforts to fight CF!

If you ever have any questions about CF or the CF Foundation, please let us know!

Thank you for your caring support of our family and ALL families fighting Cystic Fibrosis!

Molly & Ed