Miles For Medicine

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Pat Menezes Runs 50 Miles for CF!!
Friends, Family, or just awesome people!

I’m Patrick Menezes an Infantry Officer in the United States Marine Corps. If you know me than you know I’m not always the sharpest tool in the shed and a week ago on 27 Oct, 2020, I signed up for the JFK 50 mile run. No my big ass has never ran a marathon before and no I haven’t exactly been running lately. The race starts on 21 November, 2020 (3 weeks 4 days from when I signed up).. It didn’t take long before I started conceptualizing what it was that I had just gotten myself into. I quickly decided to look for a little outside inspiration and motivation and in comes Jen.
Jen and Eddie McKinnon were my “unofficial” sponsor parents at the Naval Academy. Sponsor Parents are families who take time out of their lives to help support the Midshipmen (students) at the Naval Academy in any way possible. Whether it was cooking an awesome dinner for me or helping me with laundry, this family did it all.  Five years later and now they are just family.
Jen has Cystic Fibrosis which is a progressive, genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections and limits the ability to breathe over time. Has this slowed down Jen? Not even a little, if she’s not raising her two beautiful twin girls, she signing up for 5k runs. Jen has not only taken the fight to CF herself but raises money year round to pay for research and medicine for those in need who go through what she has her entire life. For the last 5 years, I’ve mostly sat on the sidelines but right now it’s my turn to grab the baton and run it forward for CF and for Jen!
Any and all donations are welcome. Please share this with your family, friends and co-workers! You all are awesome, thank you so much for your support in advance.

Pat Menezes

P.S. More information about CF can be found at