March Madness 2019

5th Annual March Madness
Charity Stripe Fundraiser
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5th Annual
March Madness Charity Stripe

We want to sincerely “THANK” everyone for the incredible donations
over the last four years.  With everyone’s efforts we’ve raised nearly $125,000 across two great organizations:  

Spectrum for Hope and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Please donate to  the Cystic Fibrosis  Foundation here

A few years ago, the March Madness Charity Stripe Fundraiser was honored at the CFF Annual Dinner where we were struck with the significance of continuing the fight to cure CF; not stopping until CF stands for "Cure Found."  

We are inspired by our friends the Babsons and their vibrant daughter Maggie.  Presently Maggie does not have a therapy to help her fight this very tough disease and the many complications it brings.  

Also, last Friday "Five Feet Apart" opened in cinemas across the country.  We encourage everyone to see it.  It will magnify the need to find a cure for this difficult genetic disease!

We sincerely thank you again for your loyal generosity.  


Damon & Justine Wirtanen