5 Ways to Donate

Sample Event

Join us on sample date

1. Buy a board for a Staff Member to break

  • July 29th boards go on sale at the front counter at Black Belt America. $40/board
  • Decorate your board (No tape, glue or glitter -- just paint or marker!)
  • August 17th return staff member decorated boards to the front counter at Black Belt America

2. Get sponsors for your X-Ray Speed Kicking

  • August 5th-10th Speed Kicking in every class
  • Create your own donation site over here
  • Tell your sponsors how many kicks you threw in 30 seconds
  • Send them to your site to make a donation.

3. Just Donate!

4. Buy a T-Shirt at Graduation

  • Be the first to get the newest Life Skill shirt! 100% of T-shirt sales at the park go to CFF

5. Attend your Graduation and BBA will sponsor you!

  • When you check in for graduation, $10 of your test fee is donated to CFF