35th Annual Cystic Fibrosis Skate-A-Long

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Welcome to MY PASSION!

P is for PERSISTENCE!  For 35 years our family has been PERSISTENT in caring for our daughter Randi that was diagnosed with CF at birth!  Persistence in the fight, the care, and the fundraising!  In 1983 the life expectancy was FIVE YEARS OLD!  Now, 35 years later, it is over THIRTY-FIVE YEARS of age!

A is for ACTION!  We've been in ACTION on our knees praying for the researchers to unravel the MYSTERY!  Daily ACTION giving respiratory treatments, taking meds and educating everyone about CF.  Our family has led others to CF Care Centers and helped them begin their own CF Journey!  Early detection coupled with ACTION helps beat the odds!  This far, ACTION has resulted in Vernon  Parish donating over $800,000 to research!

S is for SUPPORT!  We've supported the CFF for 35 years!  You might not know, but CF Research receives NO FUNDING from the government!  ZILCH!!! NONE!  So it is a grassroots effort lead by parents, family and friends of those with CF.  The Foundation has smart leaders at the top that have invested wisely and provided research funding that has led to cutting edge technology and drugs that now extend life for those with CF and provide a better quality of life!

S is for STEAM!  Did you know that STEAM can move a TRAIN?  Water is very hot at 211 degrees but at 212 degrees it boils!  One degree matters!  One dollar of funding matters!  The Power of ONE!  That  extra degree of effort produces exponential results! We are moving full STEAM ahead in CF Research!

I is for INSPIRATION!  Everyone needs INSPIRATION in their life...no matter the road you travel or the cards you've been dealt!  My INSPIRATION?  My two children.  Chris is my first born--the apple of my eye!  Never EVER complaining about the TIME, ENERGY AND EMOTIONAL needs  I dedicated to CF.  He is the best son and CF sibling a mom could ask for!  And then there is RANDI, everyone's INSPIRATION.  To know her is to know the true meaning of INSPIRATION.  Her attidude and committment to LIFE itself is an inspiration.  Randi is an OVERCOMER and she inspires so many to reach their full potential!  Overcoming the DAILY STRUGGLES of eating and breathing with CF, she continues to AMAZE  and INSPIRE me to be better!

O is for ON-PURPOSE!  We ALL are called to live life ON PURPOSE!  God created each of us uniquely and gifted us with special gifts for us to use for HIS PURPOSE.  Living with CF is living ON PURPOSE, overcoming the good and the bad days.  Our family will continue to be ON-PURPOSE, working each day to help end this disease so that CF will stand for Cure Found!

N is for NEVER EVER GIVING UP!  We will NEVER end our fight against CF.  SO MANY DEPEND ON A FEW!  So many babies are born every day and given this diagnosis!  So many toddlers take respiratory treatments and swallow countless pills just to eat-each and every day, not understanding or comprehending WHY!  So many children, pre-teens and teens struggle with CF, trying to manage their life, fulling comprehending their destiny, needing our support.  And now, 35 years laters, CF Adults are emergying on the scene, due to the giving and the research done by OUR GREAT EFFORTS OVER THE YEARS.  N is for NEVER Ever Giving UP!