Cars & Coffee Scavenger Hunt

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CF Cars & Coffee

Join us on Saturday, May 13th at BrightSign for a cars & coffee + scavenger hunt! The scavenger hunt will feature the cars in attendance and will add an extra incentive to look extra close at the vehicles everyone brought. Click here for directions to the event!

There will be two options for scavenger hunts- one for people wanting to have fun without knowing too much about cars and the other option being a hunt for people who want to exercise their car knowledge. Both scavenger hunts will have prizes, which you can find listed on the Prizes page!

The event will be from 9am-11:30am, but take a look at the Event Info page for the actual schedule!

The hunt will be a 1 hr scavenger hunt that from 9:45am to 10:45am. Cars involved in the hunt need to arrive by 9:15am and participants will need to arrive by 9:30am. We'll aim to announce winners by 11:15am!

Do I need to know car things?

No! All you need is an internet-capable device and a curious attitude! Seriously though, we'll have two options for scavenger hunts- one of which will minimize the jargon. 

What is a cars & coffee?

A cars & coffee is a casual morning car show where people usually show up to talk about cars, but often, it's easy to miss the things that people are most proud of. Fun things are getting to see cars you don't see every day, getting to talk to people about what they're interested in (cars), and sometimes it's just nice for walking around and sipping a cup of coffee!

Why is there a scavenger hunt?

I love cars and coffee events because they're a chance to meet new car people, but sometimes it's a bit intimidating meeting new people at events when you don't really know what to ask. Sometimes, it also feels like I don't know what's actually cool about any of the cars at the event. The scavenger hunt is meant to bridge that gap so that the event is fun for both car fanatics and people who care more about where they're going than the vehicle they're in.

How is my donation actually helping people with cystic fibrosis?

The CF Foundation actively invests in academic and private companies’ research and drug development to push for therapies in a way that keeps accountability to the money donated. This has enabled new therapies such as Trikafta, Kalydeco, and Orkambi over the last decade, which has massively improved the quality of life for most people with the disease. In addition, the Foundation has implemented a patient support system (CF Compass) and funds lobbying efforts to make it easier to access the care needed to manage cystic fibrosis. 

Who do I contact for questions?
Email Will your questions: