Cars & Coffee Scavenger Hunt

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Cars, Coffee, and Scavenger Hunt

On Saturday, May 13th we’re having a cars & coffee at BrightSign in Los Gatos! To make it a bit more interesting, we’re making a scavenger hunt to fundraise for patient support and medical research for cystic fibrosisThe scavenger hunt will feature the cars in attendance and is a fun chance to show off your favorite car or simply your daily driver! Register before 5/11/23 to make sure we have time to make a clue for your car in the hunt!

  • Coffee & breakfast will be provided and available when the cars & coffee opens at 8:45am.
  • You need to be there by 9:30am to participate in the full scavenger hunt.
  • We should finish by 11:30am latest, but hope to score everything and announce winners a bit earlier if possible.
  • There will be an easier option and a harder option for the scavenger hunt: one for people wanting to have fun without knowing too much about cars and the other option being a hunt for people who want to exercise their car knowledge. Both scavenger hunts will have prizes for the winners!

What to Bring:
- your phone (make sure it’s charged up for the scavenger hunt)
- a coffee cup (for some caffeine)
- shoes ready for a walk around the cars



Win a Track Day with the Golden Gate Lotus Club

Win a foodie gift basket from Sigona's Farmers Market. This includes dried mango, pistachios, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and more from one of my favorite places in the Bay!

  • Win a Sonoma Coast Duo from MacRostie Winery! This includes two bottles of wine and two tastings at their Estate House.

  • Win a chance for you and a friend to learn to Top Rope Climb at Movement Gym Sunnyvale!

  • Win a chance to go shopping at Harley Farms Goat Dairy's farm shop! They have many baby goats on the farm in the spring, if goat cheese and lemonade isn't enough to get you excited about this!

Event Sponsors:

Brightsign is providing us with a lovely location to do some scavenger hunting!

The Golden Gate Lotus Club is helping with administrative work, the set-up equipment, and most importantly: some orange cones!