Candy Grams

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Team Field Operators is excited to announce our candy gram sale!

Show your appreciation for your colleagues this valentines day by giving them the gift of a candy gram! A sweet treat can put a smile on someones face, so give the gift of giving by buying your's today!!!!

Between February 5th - 12th you can purchase a candy gram for delivery on Valentines day!

Candygram prices:

1 candy gram = $2

Full-Sized candy bar = $5

6 candy grams = $10

15 candy grams = $20

30 candy grams = $30

Entire Bethesda office = $250

***Stop by Tim Nardi's Desk (next to Rodney) on the 12th floor to receive and turn in your candy gram order form.***

Click here for the order form!

Please note that candy grams can only be sent to Bethesda-based and remote Bethesda Office staff. 

Remote staff: Can purchase & receive virtual candy grams (Please enter email of recipient  for  your virtual candy  gram on the "Dept/floor" section of order form.) If you're remote, please send your order form to Tim Nardi via email.

Contact: Eileen Miley ( or Tim Nardi (