65 Roses Run (Virtual)

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65 Roses Run (Virtual)
65 miles for Cystic Fibrosis
Event info: Now through 6/7
Virtual race day: Weekend of 6/5
Location: Wherever you want!
Registration fee: $65 

This year marks the 65th anniversary of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, so let’s make it a special one! Infection control is more important than ever (and always is with CF), so we are hosting a virtual race.

This event gives us a platform to stay motivated, healthy and connected during this time of social distancing, while also allowing multiple people with CF to participate in an event together, without the fear of cross-infection.


What is a virtual race?

This year will be our inaugural year for the 65 Roses Virtual Run (65 miles for Cystic Fibrosis). Between now and the weekend of 6/5, racers will log 65 miles on their own or with friends and family! Then, on “virtual race day,” the goal is to complete your 65 miles (see resources above or race suggestions below). 
Since this year, 65 Roses Day (6/5) is on a Friday, we are giving runners the option to run their race any time that weekend (6/5-6/7) to complete their goal. We ask that all runners please post on social media and tag it with #65RosesRun and @cffgreaternj so we can not only fundraise, but spread awareness!


Virtual race distance suggestions

Race distances (65+ miles total):
  • 13.1 mile race day (pre-log 52 miles)
  • 10 mile race day (pre-log 55 miles)
  • 5 mile day (pre-log 60 miles)
Six 5ks for 65 roses:
  • 5k race day (Five 5k’s pre-logged)


65k total:
  • 1-2k a day
Choose your own goal
We want as many people to get involved as possible, motivating ourselves to keep healthy and keep moving. So, do what you feel comfortable with and what you feel is an achievable personal goal.


Why join the 65 Roses Race?

This is an amazing way for people to connect all over the U.S. to unite for an important cause through a common goal. We need connections like these more than ever before. So please, share your journey along the way and let’s motivate each other to achieve our goals together.
Through your support of events like these, CFF is able to fund critical life-saving research that would otherwise not be available; CFF receives little to no help from large drug companies or governmental grants, but the progress they are making towards a cure is incredible. At this rate and with your continued support, it won't be long before "CF" stands for "Cure Found."
We can see the finish line of a cure, so let’s run towards it together!
Thank you!