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My 65 Roses Race Fundraising Page

Vivian Amatuzzi

vivian Amatuzzi

Hello everyone! I'm thrilled to be fundraising for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and supporting their mission to improve the lives of those with cystic fibrosis. This genetic disease affects thousands of people worldwide and requires constant care and treatment.

By making a contribution to my fundraiser, you can help support CF research, care, and advocacy efforts. Every dollar counts and brings us one step closer to finding a cure for this challenging disease. Please also share this page with your family and friends to help spread awareness and encourage others to get involved.

And if you're interested in taking action yourself, don't hesitate to ask me how you can get involved! Whether it's joining me in the 65 Roses Race or volunteering with your local CF chapter, every bit of support makes a difference.

Thank you for your support and for helping us make a positive impact on the CF community. Together, we can make a difference!


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