65 Days of Crafting for a Cure

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65 Days of Crafting for a Cure

65 Days of Crafting for a Cure for CF! 
Dates: March 1st, 2021 - May 4th, 2021
Location: Virtual
Prize: $30 Michaels gift card
Registration winner chosen: May 5th, 2021

Join us in making, creating, crafting anything your heart desires for 65 days to help raise funds and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis! 

Our challenge begins on March 1st and will last until May 4th, for a total of 65 days of creative fun! Anyone who registers and raises a minimum of $15 will be entered to win a $30 Michaels gift card! 

Together we can make CF stand for Cure Found, one craft at a time!

We want to hear and see what you are making! You could...

crochet 65 granny squares to make a blanket
knit 65 rows for a scarf or a shawl
weave 65 beautiful potholders
paint 65 dots, hearts, or stars on a canvas to make a fantastic mural
make a paper garland out of 65 chains or pieces
color 65 pages of a coloring book
make 65 handmade cards to give to your loved ones
do 65 days of a mix of crafts...

The possibilities are endless!

Feel free to share your creations with us here or using the hashtag: #65DaysOfCraftingForACure

And do you know the best way to make your crafts extra special? When you make them for someone else! By sharing this page or starting your own fundraiser, whoever makes a donation could contribute to or receive a craft of your own creation! Donors could get to choose the color for one of your crafts, or perhaps make a special request to receive one of your crafts for themselves.  It's a fun way to get your friends and family involved in your crafts and in supporting a wonderful cause!

To create your own fundraising page for your very own special craft for 65 Days of Crafting for a Cure - click the "Register" button and follow the instructions to edit your personal page.

For example, Breana is making 65 rose granny squares to create a 65 Roses Cystic Fibrosis blanket! Donors to her page get to choose a color for one rose and are entered to win the completed blanket. You can follow her progress here.

Our passion fundraiser will benefit the Nashua Great Strides event through donations made to our team - the Sodium Chloride Striders! Thank you for participating with us!

The winner will be selected randomly and the gift card will be sent virtually over email, using the email address provided during registration. 
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