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My 24 Hour Fitness Challenge for Cystic Fibrosis Fundraising Page

Bradley Poole

Bradley Poole

My name is Bradley Poole. If you don’t know me, I live with a terminal illness called, Cystic Fibrosis. CF is a rare genetic disease that produces thick, sticky mucus within the lungs, digestive system and other organs in the body. Overtime, the mucus destroys the organs and causes organ failure. Most people with CF don’t live past 40 years of age. In order to have a chance at surviving past the life expectancy, I’m required to do two hours of breathing treatments a day, take 50-plus pills daily and exercise religiously. Even doing those things won’t guarantee me a free ticket to 40.

In the summer of 2020 I ran through every town in Cattaraugus County, NY within 7 days. It was a 266 mile trek in the heat of summer. I ran 42 miles each day and raised $65,000 for the cystic fibrosis foundation! Then in the summer of 2021, I attempted to run 300 miles in 3 days, but got hospitalized on the second day due to dehydration. I ended up making it 100 miles and raised $45,000 for the cystic fibrosis foundation!

For this years event, on June 3rd and 4th, I'll be doing a 24 hour fitness challenge that includes: 50 mile run, 3,000 push-ups, 3,000 squats, 3,000 sit-ups, 1,000 tire flips using a 250 LB tire and a 15 mile bike ride. I plan to finish all of this in 24 hours. If there is time still remaining on the clock, I will add more events to the challenge. My goal is to go for 24 hours non-stop!

Today, I am 34 years young. I got to this point because of my fight and will to live. I’ve learned to turn my challenges into a warrior-like mentality. We were all given this gift of life and it’s something none of us should take for granted.

I do these challenges for multiple reasons. The first, is to inspire the younger generation of CF Warriors and showing them what’s possible if you take good care of yourself. Second, to show all of you what is humanly possible when you focus and put your mind to something. Third, to inspire anyone who may be going through their own battle and getting them to see you can WIN. Lastly, to raise awareness about this disease and doing my best to help find us a cure because we get NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING. The only way we will have access to better treatments and eventually a cure is through fundraising. All money raised goes directly to the foundation which then goes towards research for a cure. 

The 24 Hour Fitness Challenge for CF Team, would like you to participate through sponsorship, running with me, cheering me on and most importantly helping me fundraise to reach my $100,000 goal. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is the best story in medicine because of the relentless work every day to do whatever it takes to reach our ultimate goal of a cure for CF.

If you could kindly donate, as well as, SHARE this fundraising page, it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! I want to thank you for your SUPPORT!


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